Our vision: To make project management easy, efficient and quick to provide greater visibility to employees to help them organize and quantify their work time.

The Done project was conceived after more than a decade of website development. For ten years, a team of 15 people faced many challenges in order to understand and above all, to better organize and manage their time.

For the projects that we had to manage simultaneously, an enormous amount of resources were devoted to communicating in separate ways without benefiting from a comprehensive view of project progress.

We needed a powerful tool to manage, organize and quantify our work time. Since 2008, we tested several project management software's like Basecamp, Teamwork, and Agile Zen, but none of them offered suitable performance.

For us, they were either too complex or lacked important features such as the ability to automatically time projects and to subdivide the project into sub-mandates.

  • In June 2012, our decision was made: to design and develop a tool that would meet our project management needs while facilitating our work. Our goal was to make this solution available to all teams who, like us, needed to function on a more performant and user-friendly platform.
  • February 2013: The embryonic interface that became Done was implemented for our internal use, tested, and improved over a 12 month period.
  • May 2014: the final version was launched internally and then offered to a limited group of companies among our business partners and customers.
  • December 2015: After more than 18 months of testing, 900 projects, and more than 10 000 tickets, we migrated the entire Done infrastructure to Amazon.
  • First quarter 2016: Done is to be launched to the business community.