Refund Policy

As a registered user, you shall be entitled to try the Service for a period of 30 days. You will not be required to provide your credit card details for trying the Service.

Once your 30-day trial period is over, you can continue the Service by selecting a paid subscription plan. If you don’t continue a paid subscription, your account will be suspended after the trial period, and access to the Service will be blocked until you make your first payment for a paid service.

TUCAN SOFTWARE offer several subscription levels. When several subscription levels are available, you will be entitled to upgrade your subscription at any time. Paid subscriptions will be charged on a monthly basis, and your plan will start from the date you make your first payment.

The users shall be allowed to upgrade or downgrade their subscription, but any change in the plan level shall take place at the next billing cycle. We will prorate the billing accordingly.

You shall be entitled to cancel your paid subscription at any time. However, all such cancellations shall be made from the user account. If you want to cancel your current subscription, you should login to your account and make a cancellation request at the Subscription Page. Emails and oral requests for cancelling your account will be ignored, but cancellation of your PayPal Subscription from within your PayPal account will result in a termination of your subscribed plan (in case you paid your subscription through PayPal). 

All payments to TUCAN SOFTWARE shall be non-refundable. You should acknowledge and consent that no claims for a refund or compensation shall be entertained on the grounds that your account was restricted, suspended or terminated before the end of the current subscription cycle.