Privacy Policy

Your personal information is the most precious asset we have and effective protection of this asset is very crucial for our business. We are fully committed to ensure that your personal information is never misused by third parties. TUCAN SOFTWARE will never use your personal information unless such use is necessary for providing a requested service, helping you resolve a problem and improving your experience on the website. We reserve a right to monitor user activities on the website, but we will never access or open your uploaded files unless such screening is necessary to comply with any regulation or deliver any services requested by the users.

This Privacy Policy shall be deemed as part of your entire agreement with TUCAN SOFTWARE, and all issues/matters related to the collection, processing, storage, use or sharing of your personal information will be governed by this privacy policy. TUCAN SOFTWARE reserves a right to log your IP address and monitor your activities on the website. It may maintain this log to verify that no unauthorized access has occurred under your credentials.

Identity and Access

When you access or use any services being offered on this website, TUCAN SOFTWARE will collect your personal information. However, automated tools and techniques will never be used for collecting your personally identifiable information. Your identifiable information like name, contact number, email address, and credit card details, etc. will be collected only when you voluntarily submit this information to personalize your account, participate in surveys/contests, subscribe to any services being offered on the website and receive help and support related to the Service.

We will never sell, lease or share your identifiable information to third parties, and unless you have given your express consent, we will never use your name or profile details in any marketing statements or business promotion campaign.  
We will use your personal information solely for:

  • Preventing any kinds of abuse of the Service, including misuse, fraud, and illegal activities on the website.
  • Identifying you on the Service, tracking your preferences / requirements and offering customized services as per your requirements
  • Improving our website and providing unmatched customer experience on the Service.
  • Receiving your feedbacks over the telephone, forums/social media, email, or any other communication channel. 
  • Evaluating the performance, and removing  errors and omissions on the Service.
  • Providing innovative features as per your requirement / experience on the Service.
  • Analyzing the demographic profile of users or specific customer groups on the Service.
  • Contacting you to inform about our Service, including the interesting offers, special deals and changes in the Service. If you don’t want to receive our newsletters and customized offers, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, but nothing in this Privacy Policy will disable our alert notifications regarding your account, use of the Service and important changes to the Service.

Please acknowledge that we may use automated tools and techniques for collecting your system related User Data like the operating system, device, browser type, and the internet service provider. These are non-identifiable information and maintained as such by aggregating in an anonymous manner, when possible. System-related user data can be very instrumental in resolving your problems related to the use of services being offered on the website.

Sharing and Disclosure

  • TUCAN SOFTWARE will share / disclose your personal information only when such sharing or disclosure is necessary to:
  • Protect its business or legal rights or any rights of the users on the Service.
  • Provide the requested feature, product or service. TUCAN SOFTWARE may collaborate with third party service providers, and subject to your consent, share some information with them to ensure the performance of the required services. Third party service providers may be engaged to analyze and compile user data and perform other internal functions like payment processing, sending newsletters and notifications, organizing promotional campaigns, and maintaining security on the Service.
  • Prevent fraud, suspected fraud and illegal activities on the Service. TUCAN SOFTWARE may share your personal information with third parties, in its sole discretion, and collaborate / cooperate with law enforcement agencies or other entities to investigate any violation of its agreement, including a threatening situation, the risk to personal safety of any individual, or as required by the law enforcement / investigating agencies.
  • Facilitate a merger, acquisition, or transfer the ownership. However, we will inform you before your personal information or parts of it is about to be governed by a different privacy policy.

Law Enforcement

TUCAN SOFTWARE is committed to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies, but it will never share/disclose your personal information unless it believes that such disclosure is necessary or required to do so by any ruling/order of the court with competent jurisdiction. All requests from the local or federal law enforcement agencies regarding any disclosure of personal information shall be decided on its merit unless such requests are accompanied by a court order.

The users will be informed about all disclosures of their personal information unless such notification is prevented by the law enforcement agencies or the courts with competent jurisdiction.


We have taken every feasible safeguard to protect your data. All communication from your browser to our servers are encrypted through industry standard SSL/TLS encryption technology.

Deleted data

When you terminate your agreement with TUCAN SOFTWARE or your account is canceled due to any reasons, all information related to your account will be purged within 30 days. Once you cancel your account, your personal information is immediately deleted but all traces in the trash can of the servers are purged within 30 days, and nothing remains after this period.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

TUCAN SOFTWARE reserves a right to change this privacy policy in its sole discretion. Such changes become necessary to effectively protect your personal information in light of the changed circumstances over time. When any changes in this privacy policy occur, we will take appropriate measures to notify you about the changes and if you have any reservation against the modified policy, you may contact our support executives and make a request to access, edit or remove your personal information at any time.

If you have any concern, query, apprehension or reservation against this privacy policy, feel free to contact our support team at, and we will be more than happy to resolve your concerns!